Ask Yourself The Serious Question, What Type Of Jetted Tub Do I Want?

Obviously, choosing a jetted tub isn’t the most important decision of your life, but making a rash decision can affect your day-to-day. Choosing the tub that works best for your needs and lifestyle can provide a relaxing and fulfilling way to enjoy your spa-like bathroom. While each brand is different, there are typically two main options when it comes to choosing your next tub, water jets or air jets. Both have their advantages as well as different price points.

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Tell Me More About Tub My Options.

At Inspire Kitchen and Bath, we choose our vendors the same way you choose your local supply house- based on quality, price, and customer service. Our goal is to have options that meet multiple price points but maintain the same high quality standard we have a reputation of providing. While each brand differs slightly, here is a general overview of water and air tubs:

  • Water Jets: Super therapeutic. Water jets target and isolate specific muscle groups effectively, making them a great option for athletes and those with chronic conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. They are typically more expensive than air tubs and you cannot use things like bubble bath or oils because they’ll gum up the water lines. Because water flows through the lines, you need to flush those lines frequently to prevent a build-up in bacteria. This is easily done by running the system with water and a bit of dishwashing detergent.
  • Air Jets. Microbubbles move water throughout the tub providing a low intensity therapy. While this system isn’t quite as intensive as the water jets, you can use bubble bath and oils to enhance your bath. You never have to worry about the lines gumming up because it’s just air that blows through them.

Inspire Kitchen & Bath Shows You How They Work.

Visit us at our showroom in Harrisonburg to see how both water jets and air jets work so you can make an informed decision. Since 1972, we’ve been committed to providing our clients superior customer service and high quality product choice. Contact us to learn more about the people, brands, and prices that make us your most valuable resource.

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