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So You Want Better Drinking Water…

Last week, we let you know why it’s so important to test your water regularly. Regardless of what you may have found, the chances are you probably found something wrong with it. Whether that problem was hardness, acidity, bacteria, lead, or anything else, you’re going to want a water treatment system of some sort. If you found something like bacteria or any other harmful contaminant, you may want to consider a water treatment system for your whole house. The best thing to do is talk to your local water treatment service.

If you just found chlorine, lead, gasoline additives, volatile organic chemicals, hardness, etc. then a simple under-cabinet kitchen system should do the trick. That way you’re not ingesting things that may not be so healthy for your body.

Not All Water Treatments Are Created Equal

When you’re looking into kitchen water treatment systems, it’s extremely important to consider the various kinds of filters, their ratings and specifications. The most highly recommended type of system for drinking water is one that will leave in the minerals and helps you maintain your nutrients. A reverse osmosis system (RO), will not leave in the essential minerals and nutrients. As a result you may end up becoming deficient in a lot of key nutrients.

Instead you need something like the HFC-1000 High Flow Drinking Water Filter system from AlwaysFresh®. This system takes your water through 5 stages of filtration and leaves you with those key minerals and nutrients.

HFC-1000 5 Stages of Filtration

  1. Built-in Micron Pre-Filter: Wrapped completely around the carbon block to filter dirt, sediment, filterable iron, etc for increased cartridge life.
  2. Fine Filtration: Thick compression molded powdered activated carbon block. Class 1 certified for removal of particles .5 micron (1/50,000 of an inch) and larger.
  3. Absorption: Specially formulated High Capacity carbon with over 1,000,000 square meters of absorption surface area.
  4. Filter Protection: Silver Zeolite technology blended throughout the filter for efficacy & longevity.
  5. Scale Control*: Polyphosphate spheres are slowly released to provide protection against hard water scale build up in water using appliances.
*Claim not certified by WQA

HFC-1000 Benefits and Features

  • Exclusive Patented Quick-Change Cartridge
    • Inlet & outlet ports sealed with dual 0-ring technology
    • Sanitary sealed quick-change cartridge 1/4 turn, no tools required
  • Complete Installation Kit
    • Under-sink to existing faucet (no additional faucet required)
  • Lead-Free Design
    • Virgin polypropylene materials and tubing – no lead

If you have any other questions about water filtration systems, please feel free to leave a comment below and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Right now at Inspire Kitchen and Bath, get an HFC-1000 FREE with purchase of any qualifying product.

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