Unwind And Relax In Your Very Own Steam Shower.

Nothing quite compares to stepping into your steam shower at the end of the day and feeling warmth surround your body and toxins roll from your skin. It’s the perfect treatment for allergies, muscular aches, and long, stressful days. Steam has been used for centuries to relax muscles, increase circulation, and cleanse skin. Unlike a sauna, steam won’t dry out your skin and hair by stripping moisture from your body.


The Benefits Of Steam Have Been Utilized For Centuries.

People have been using steam to treat a diversity of ailments and discomforts for years. Think of sweat lodges and steam geysers used by communities throughout the Americas for centuries. Those communities understood the benefits steam can have on our bodies. When you’re remodeling your bathroom, consider steam for all of its many benefits:

  • Improved Circulation. Steam opens up pores allowing for circulation to rev up and flood your body with super oxygenated blood.
  • Allergy Relief. Steam opens up nasal passages and throats to relieve congestion and allergy symptoms.
  • Skincare. Regular steam treatments open up your pores allowing toxins and dirt to flow freely from your skin. This keeps skin cleaner, softer, and minimizes the effects of dry skin.

Inspire Kitchen And Bath And Thermasol Bring Custom Steam Showers To Harrisonburg.

Inspire Kitchen And Bath is proud to partner with Thermasol in providing top of the line steam shower generators, nozzles, and controls to homeowners in Virginia. Thermasol’s generators work in tile showers and some acrylic units rated for steam. Simply bring the cubic footage of your shower into Inspire Kitchen & Bath and our professional team will put together an approximate quotation for all the parts and pieces that make up your steam shower. Want a fog-free mirror to use to shave in the shower? Thermasol has it! Want a light and sound system, they’ve got it! Visit our showroom in Harrisonburg and learn more.

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