Quick (and inexpensive) Kitchen Makeovers

wolf Dartmouth_Grey_Kovach_Low_Res_500_377_c1Who wouldn’t love a brand new kitchen?  Many people would, but not everyone has the time, money and other resources to devote to completely remodeling the most-used room in the home.  Try these quick and inexpensive kitchen makeover ideas to give your room a fresh look.

  1. Hardware
    Out-of-date hardware can be easily replaced with a little bit time and a screwdriver.
  2. Faucet
    A new faucet can go a long way in sprucing up an aged kitchen.  Choose a style that complements the room.  If you are also replacing hardware, make sure to match your new handles/knobs with your new faucet. (click here for more tips on choosing a kitchen faucet.)
  3. Countertop
    May Supply has an extensive selection of countertops to fit every taste and budget.
  4. Sink
    Freshen up your kitchen with a new sink.  Kitchen sinks aren’t necessarily just plain stainless anymore.  You have lots of options with different colors and materials.  May Supply even carries sink clips that will make installation a breeze!
  5. Organization
    Even a new kitchen can look old if the countertops are cluttered.  Invest in some new ways to organize your old kitchen: drawer organizers, a spice rack, pot and pan racks, etc. can all make a big difference.

Sprucing up your kitchen doesn’t have to involve weeks of planning and a huge budget.  You can spice up your current kitchen with a few quick and inexpensive kitchen makeovers.

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