Your Kitchen Remodel Can Be Fun!

Everybody has heard horror stories of a kitchen remodel gone wrong. Extended timelines, doubled budgets, and backordered products can all take their toll psychologically and financially, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right preparation and information, your remodel can be fun and you’ll sail through the project as a calm homeowner who has their act together. Here’s some tips to keeping calm and carrying on.

  • Timeline. No matter what your contractor tells you, add two weeks to your project. If they finish on time, great! If not, you’re prepared for the worst. There are issues that can come up that have nothing to do with the integrity of your contractor, but are rather a result of unexpected delays from manufacturers or problems that were only apparent once the remodel started.
  • Budget. You’ve probably heard this one already, but add 20% to your budget to account for unexpected material costs due to unforeseen situations. You might also fall in love with something that you just have to have.
  • Cooking. Not having a working kitchen can drive you crazy. Especially, if you have kids. Before the project starts make a bunch of casseroles or other frozen meals and put them in tinfoil baking sheets that don’t have to be washed. Contractors can usually move the fridge somewhere accessible and keep it running through most of the project. Pop a casserole into your toaster oven and you’ll have a yummy, home cooked and cheap meal to feed the family.
11 Things to Expect With Your Remodel

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