Nature’s Influence on Interior Design

Recently more than ever, nature’s influence on interior design is taking the forefront. From obscure bloggers to Huffington Post, HGTV and FreshHome, everyone is talking about ways to incorporate nature in the home. But now it’s more than just using nature in decor. This renewed trend is focused more on environmentally friendly products than ever before.

“Every movement spawns a countermovement,” claims Wanda Jankowski in Professional Builder Magazine. She goes on to say that technological advances in the home have birthed a counter culture. This counter culture calls for simplified materials made from natural products. In this article we’ll take you through some of the latest environmentally oriented interior design trends.

Nature on Surfaces and Walls

Wall coverings and surface areas are great places to incorporate colors or textures depending on what room decor you are trying to compliment. Neutral, earthy paint colors help compliment natural materials by surrounding them with colors found in their environment.

Sherwin Williams named Poised Taupe as their 2017 color of the year. This earthy color provides exactly the right backdrop for a variety of natural textures. Wood, stone and glass all compliment this universal color. Poised Taupe even helps to make bright splashes of color pop.

Pantone’s color of the year is nearly opposite of Sherwin Williams, yet complimentary. Greenery provides the perfect bright and natural element to counterbalance the neutrality of the Taupe.

Aside from paint, putting natural materials onto focus walls has become hugely popular as well. Stone, cement tiles, wooden panels and more have all been making a comeback on walls throughout the country. The possibilities are endless.

Nature on Countertops

The possibilities for countertops are somewhat more limited. Countertops need certain features, like the ability to be cleaned. That leaves us with natural stone, man-made stone, laminate, glass and recycled materials.

What? Recycled materials? Glass?

We already covered the difference between man-made and natural stone. Yet, there is more to this story even. You can really make man-made stone countertops look like any natural stone material out there. If you choose man-made stone, you can even add color into your design while making it look “natural.”

As for other countertop materials, glass is pretty innovative. From floating clear glass countertops to pure pearl-white, glass is also fully customizable. You can even get a glass countertop made from recycled glass.

Recycled material countertops are probably the newest available material available. Recently I stumbled on recycled paper countertops. Talk about an environmentally friendly choice! The countertop supposedly feels just like wood.

Bringing Home Your Adventures

There are about a million ways you can bring nature into your home through decor.. just ask Pinterest. But my personally favorite way is to grab something memorable from an outdoor expedition or a road trip and make something of it. Put something personal into your home through the incorporation of nature!

Do you have any other ideas? This topic could go on forever. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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