Aging In Place Design Brings Safety And Security To Your Bathroom.

Incorporating aging in place design in your bathroom creates a functional and safe space to start and end each day. Installing grab bars, slip resistant tile, and taller height toilets isn’t just for the elderly. People with limited mobility, pregnant women, and small children can all benefit from product features and design intended to keep you safe. Remember, because of it’s size and all the hard surfaces, your bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in the home.

What Design Elements Should I Consider To Increase My Safety?

The fun part of designing your new bathroom is choosing the colors and materials you’re going to use. Visiting showrooms and supply houses give you options and ideas to help you narrow down your choices. Here are some products worth incorporating into your next bathroom remodel:

  • ADA Height Toilets. Often referred to as chair-height toilets, these toilets are 17” from the floor to the top of the bowl. They’re much easier to get onto and off of than older, 14-½” height models.
  • Grab Bars. Put them in the shower and in the toilet room. They’re much more decorative than in the past and can match your faucets and accessories.
  • Shower Seat. Whether you’re building a tile shower or installing a multi-piece, gelcoat fiberglass unit, a seat or bench is a great option to increase safety while bathing. Useful for just about anyone, the seats enhance your shower even if you install them for future use.
  • Taller Height Cabinetry. Taller bathroom cabinets are the same height as kitchen cabinets, 34-½” from the floor to the top. They’re much more comfortable to stand at then leaning over 30” or 32” cabinets.
  • Recessed Lighting. Recessed lighting is so minimal looking you won’t be bothered having numerous cans throughout the bathroom. Lots of lighting makes it easier to see, minimizing accidents.

Inspire Kitchen And Bath Has Stylish Aging In Place Products For Your Bathroom.

Our professional designers are committed to providing the options that work best for your home and lifestyle. Since 1972, we’ve carried brands committed to providing innovative technology, features, and style in each product they offer. As the baby boomer population continues to age, more and more products are flooding the market geared towards keeping you in your home longer. Visit our showroom to learn more about aging in place products for your bathroom.

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