Improve Sustainability In New Builds And Remodels With Water-Saving Products.

If you’re conscious of the environment, then conserving water, energy, and resources appeals to you. Conservation is in the products and how kitchen and bath remodels are designed. Planning for products such as low-flow showerheads and faucets means finding the right styles and quality for your project. Inspire Kitchen & Bath has a variety of water- and energy-saving products for you to peruse in our showroom, and access to many more.

Get To Know Your Options For Green Kitchen And Bath Features And Products.

Our expert staff is available to walk you through the choices you have when going green in a kitchen and bath features. We use resources such as WaterSense, a partnership program of the Environmental Protection Agency that provides clear labeling of faucets, showerheads, and other water-flow products that can significantly increase water-conversation over the lifetime of use. We also work with Earth Craft builders, an organization dedicated to advancing sustainable, affordable, and energy-efficient construction through education and technical support.1 Additionally, rebates are available for certain low-flow products, making going green in your kitchen and bath more affordable.

Affordable Green Kitchen And Bath Design Saves More Than Just Money.

Low-environmental impact materials provide durable, stylish finishes. When you choose rapidly renewable materials, you don’t have to sacrifice quality and durability. The latest in green building technology allows for you to think long-term for both the life of your home, and the sustainability of our resources, energy and water supplies. LEED certified products contribute to home or commercial certifications and provide assurance of value and function. Inspire Kitchen & Bath is your partner in green kitchen and bath products and contractors. We look forward to connecting you to the right products, the right contractors, and the right green solutions.

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