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Granite VS Quartz

Granite and quartz make for very similar and very different counter tops all at once. Most homeowners discussing stone counter tops think only of granite or marble because they have been around the longest. Natural stone came before man-made stone. Even after quartz was released as a counter top material, it took a while for quartz counter tops for to become a popular product in the United States (source).

Any homeowner’s decision between the two would depend upon what they want to achieve with their counter top. Think about what benefits, features and the overall look you are striving for. Below is a list of the features, benefits, pros and cons of granite and quartz counter tops.


Granite is natural stone. This means that the stone is porous and imperfect. There may be small cracks, etc. On one hand, this provides for a completely unique counter top. On the other, crevices create space for bacteria to live in. It also gives room for harmful agents, such as red wine or bleach, to stain your stone. It is recommended to seal granite counter tops periodically. This prevents the buildup of bacteria, stains, etc.

So in summary, with a granite counter top you are looking at more maintenance for a more unique look.


Quartz counter tops are man-made. This product is made by binding quartz stone together with resins, which also give it color. That process leads to a product that is not porous. No pores means no cracks and crevices for bacteria to lodge itself into. It also means there is no seal required. Quartz counter tops generally require less maintenance than granite counter tops.

Quartz has traditionally had a more uniform look to it since it is a man-made product. But recently newer colors and patterns made to look more similar to granite have become more popular. So you have more control over the look and color of your counter top with this option.

Which Do You Choose?

As we highlighted in the beginning, which product you choose will depend entirely on your preferences. On a tit for tat level, the price between the two materials is very close. Level 1 granite is closely priced to level 1 quartz. Usually quartz is slightly more expensive, but not always. So price is not a major difference here.

The biggest difference is going to be the maintenance and look. Which look are you going for and how much effort are you willing to put into maintenance?


If you have any questions or comments, please leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

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