Contemporary And Traditional, A Farmhouse Sink Is A Charming Workhorse.

A farmhouse sink is a charming addition to any home, no matter the nature of your home’s architecture or interior design. With an array of materials available, a farmhouse sink brings an interesting and functional element into your kitchen. Here’s some things to keep in mind:

  • Mounting. Almost all farmhouse sinks are designed to mount under your countertop. This means you need a stone or solid surface countertop to make most farmhouse sinks work.
  • Installation. Farmhouse sinks are exposed on the front side which means they won’t typically work with an existing sink base cabinet. Redesigning your kitchen? Tell your kitchen designer you’re interested in farmhouse sinks and they’ll price the appropriate cabinet.
  • Configuration. While there are some double bowl options available, most farmhouse sinks are single bowl. If that’s a deal breaker, call Inspire Kitchen & Bath and we’ll do the research to find a double bowl option for you.
farmhouse sink

What Material Is Best?

Farmhouse sinks come in a variety of materials and each has advantages. Here’s a simplified version to help you choose:

  • Fireclay. This is the most prevalent material used for farmhouse sinks.
    Pros: Super hard and durable. Will not chip or scuff. Easy to clean.
    Cons: So hard that if you drop a champagne flute, it’s going to break.
  • Stainless Steel. Looks great in contemporary homes.
    Pros: Super durable, easy to clean and sanitize.
    Cons. All stainless steel can scratch and because of the apron front, a belt buckle can be especially damaging.
  • Marble. Looks vintage and beautiful in traditional homes.
    Pros: Beautiful
    Cons: Marble is soft so marble sinks can chip, scratch, and stain fairly easily. Beware for avid cooks who like a spotless kitchen!
  • Copper. Rustic and earthy.
    Pros: Copper has natural antibacterial properties. Natural patina is appealing to some, but not to all.
    Cons: Copper patinas, which means it changes colors over time. This is great for the eclectic home owner, but it will drive some people crazy!

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