Kitchen Countertops Are Pieces Of Art!

Kitchen countertops are a necessary element of every home, but they don’t have to be boring. Having a little bit of fun with your countertop is a great way to bring color, texture, and dimension into your kitchen. Check out online galleries and catalogs and organize the pictures you like into these three main categories which will help you determine what you like best:

  • Color. Start your color journey by Googling your cabinet finish and checking out what colors other people have matched to that stain or paint color. Seeing an installed picture will help you visualize the finished project. Categorize the colors, the category with the most might just be the one you like best!
  • Dimension. Catalog your likes based on the pattern of the countertops. Is the pattern of the countertops you like simple or more complex and varied? Categorize each picture based on those two dimensions.
  • Texture. Some of the newer countertop options have leathered or textured finishes compared with the traditional, smooth finish of older countertops.

Using these three categories as a guide provides a great starting point for your project.

waterfall edge kitchen countertops

Each Countertop Option Has Pros and Cons.

While this is probably true for most things in life, it’s especially true for countertops. Here are the primary materials on the market and their pros and cons:

  • Granite. Each slab is different so patterns vary, but are often more complex. Better for the person who likes a more vibrant look.
    Pros: Super hard, super durable, reasonably priced. There are many edge profiles available and countertops can be purchased shiny, matte, or textured.
    Cons: You have to seal it yearly to keep it impenetrable. Very cold and hard which can be disconcerting to those with young children.
  • Quartz. Made of quartz and composites. You can get less varied patterns and colors than with granite. Can mimic marble, granite or even soapstone.
    Pros: Super hard, durable and numerous edge profiles are available. You can make some slabs matte and textured, but most are shiny.
    Cons: More expensive than granite and not quite as durable. Cold and hard.
  • Solid Surface. Acrylic countertop with a matte finish.
    Pros: Fewer seams, lots of color options.
    Cons: Can definitely scratch and on darker countertops the scratch is white which makes it more noticeable.
  • Laminate. Printed sheet material on plywood.
    Pros: Durable, warm, and economically priced makes laminate a great option for those on a strict budget.
  • Cons: It’s paper on wood, so it can come off, be destroyed by water, scratch, and warp.

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