What’s In Your Water?

Whether you’re on a municipal water system or well water, testing your water is an important step when it comes to owning a home. I would even test your water if you rent your home. You just never know what you’ll find. Water contaminants come in many forms and sometimes disguise themselves relatively well.

“Water can be contaminated in several ways. It can contain microorganisms like bacteria and parasites that get in the water from human or animal fecal matter. It can contain chemicals from industrial waste or from spraying crops. Nitrates used in fertilizers can enter the water with runoff from the land. Various minerals such as lead or mercury can enter the water supply, sometimes from natural deposits underground, or more often from improper disposal.” – WebMD

Public vs Well Water

Public water systems are regulated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), so you are unlikely to find extremely harmful toxins, at least not in detrimental amounts. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your water is completely free of all toxins and unsafe chemicals. Things like chlorine, lead, bromodichloromethane, chloroform and arsenic might be present. Not all of these chemicals are in drinking water in every area of the country. Those are just a few examples of the scariest possibilities out there.

Well water systems are even more dangerous in terms of water contaminants and pollutants because they are generally unregulated. In the Virginia area, you may find a lot of nitrates, pesticides and/or bacteria in your water due to the agricultural based local economy. It is also possible that well systems are infiltrated by volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are industrial and fuel-related contaminants. As time goes on, the ground and chemicals in it change as well. So you should truly test your well water on a regular basis. The CDC recommends you test your well water every spring.

Basically, what you find in your water will depend on where you are and how you get water in your home. Consult with your local water treatment and testing facilities for specific information on your system.

Water Contaminants

For a complete list, including information on each individual chemical and how it would infiltate a drinking water source, visit the EPA website. 

Simple Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Winter is coming, and along with it come cold temperatures and potential plumbing problems.

Below are some simple tips to get your home ready for winter.

Inside your home:

  1. Simple Tips To Get Your Home Ready For WinterMake sure pipes are well-insulated; close vents to your crawl space and insulate the openings
  2. If your laundry room or a bathroom is right next to the garage, keep the garage door closed to retain heat
  3. If your bathroom vanity or kitchen sink is along an outside wall, keep the cabinet doors open to allow more heat inside around the pipes.
  4. Always leave your heat set at least 55 degrees F while you’re gone

Outside your home:

  1. Disconnect your garden hoses
  2. Turn off the water supply to, and drain irrigation and sprinkler systems
  3. As a preventative measure, make sure you know where your main water shut-off is. After a pipe burst and your house is flooding is a bad time to realize you don’t know where to turn the water.

What to do if you do have a frozen pipe:

  1. Call a professional plumber
  2. Do NOT use a blowtorch to thaw a pipe. Many people have inadvertently set their house on fire!

Following these simple tips to get your home ready for winter can minimize the risk of a burst pipe and the consequences of a water leak.

2016 Holiday Hours

Inspire Kitchen and Bath will be closed the following days in observance of Christmas and New Years:

  • Saturday, December 24
  • Monday, December 26
  • Saturday, December 31
  • Monday, January 2

Thank you for your business, and please enjoy a safe holiday season!

Kitchen Islands Options from May Supply

There are lots of functional and attractive kitchen island options from May Supply and Yorktowne Cabinetry.

Interested in remodeling your kitchen, or adding an island to your existing island? Contact Inspire Kitchen and Bath for all your kitchen and bath needs. They will help you finish your project on time and on budget!


Built-in Chopping Block: Shown in Webber cherry Wheat


Dining Island with Bookcase and Display Cabinet: Shown in Crowley Raised Panel maple Harbor Mist; island in oak Cottage White Coastal


Butcher Block Island: Shown in Millgate Flat Panel quartersawn oak Cobblestone; island in quartersawn oak Shale


Butcher Block Island : Shown in Salinger Flat Panel quartersawn oak Hazelnut; hood and sink areas in maple Cayenne Sable Glaze and Highlight; island in maple Carriage Black Heirloom


Dining Island with Bookcases: Shown in Roma Raised Panel cherry Harvest Bronze Ebony Glaze and Highlight and maple Natural Burnt Sienna Glaze and Highlight


Dining Island with Decorative Legs: Shown in Colby Raised Panel maple Ginger Snap; island in Cayenne Sable Glaze and Highlight

Dining Island with Decorative Legs: Shown in Morris Reverse Raised maple White Icing Classic; island in maple Eagle Rock Sable Glaze and Highlight


Dining Island with Extra Storage Space: Shown in Wheaton Reverse Raised cherry Rumberry Ebony Glaze and Highlight and Wheaton Flat Panel maple Irish Creme Pewter Highlight


Free Form Style Island: Shown in Nicollet straight-grain cherry Chestnut and straight-grain maple Sesame

Island with Drawers and Open End Shelf: Shown in Rochelle Flat Panel maple Amaretto and maple Castle Rock Sheer

Island with Drawers and Open End Shelf: Shown in Rochelle Flat Panel maple Amaretto and maple Castle Rock Sheer

Island with Butcher Block Top : Shown in Clark Raised Panel cherry Harvest Bronze Ebony Glaze and Highlight with Ginger Snap accents

Kitchen Peninsula with Abundant Drawer Storage: Shown in Rigby Flat Panel maple Sesame

Kitchen Peninsula with Abundant Drawer Storage: Shown in Rigby Flat Panel maple Sesame


Multi-Workspace Kitchen Island with Wine Cubes: Shown in Vera Flat Panel maple Natural and Hazelnut


Neutral Color Island: Shown in Jefferson Raised Panel knotty alder Amaretto and oak Harbor Mist Coastal

Open Island with Extra Storage Space: Shown in Montego maple Divinity Classic; island in knotty alder Walnut

Open Island with Extra Storage Space: Shown in Montego maple Divinity Classic; island in knotty alder Walnut


Practical Butcher Block Meets Elegantly Turned Legs: Shown in Wallis Raised Panel knotty alder Hazelnut Burnt Sienna Glaze and Highlight


Spacious Center Island with Beading Paneling: Shown in Cullen cherry Chestnut

Spacious Center Island with Beading Paneling: Shown in Cullen cherry Chestnut



2017 Thanksgiving Hours

Inspire Kitchen and Bath will be closed on Thursday, November 24th and Saturday, November 26th in observance of Thanksgiving.  We will be open on Friday the 25th.

Instant Hot Water, Everywhere In Your Home

Instant Hot Water, Everywhere In Your Home

Inspire Kitchen and Bath has a products that works with your water heater to provide instantaneous hot water at every faucet in your home!. Imagine turning on your shower and not having to wait for hot water!

From Taco’s website:

Taco technology saves thousands of gallons of water each year.
According to the Department of Energy, the average household wastes up to 12,000 gallons of water each year waiting for hot water. That’s energy, money and resources down the drain! We have the domestic hot water recirculation solutions that are right for the job, including our newest, Hot-Link.

Instant hot water. No additional plumbing or electrical!
Hot-Link is a quick, easy retrofit using the existing plumbing. Mount the valve under the sink and the pump at the water heater. The valve’s unique thermal disk technology sends cooled water back to the water heater so hot water lines remain hot.

Cleaning made easy.
There’s no need to remove the Hot-Link valve from the piping to keep it clean. Our exclusive clean-in-place design makes short work of keeping the system operating properly. Download the Hot-Link catalog page to get all the details or read more about DHW in our special section.

The Taco Hot Link is an easy upgrade to your home’s hot water heater. Watch the video below to learn where the Hot Link is installed and how it works.

Ready to have a Taco Hot Link installed in your home? Call us!

Stylish ADA Compliant Sinks in Harrisonburg, VA

Stylish ADA Compliant SinksDesigning an ADA compliant kitchen doesn’t have to be boring!  May Supply and Elkay offer a wide variety of stylish ADA compliant sinks in Harrisonburg, VA to compliment your style and kitchen design!

Options for an ADA kitchen sink include:

  • Single bowl
  • Double bowl
  • Perfect Drain
  • Quick-clip Mounting System
  • Multiple cabinet sizes
ADA Compliant Single Bowl Sink

ADA Compliant Single Bowl Sink

ADA Compliant Double Bowl Sink

ADA Compliant Double Bowl Sink

ADA Compliant Undermount Sink

ADA Compliant Undermount Sink







The guidelines for an ADA compliant sink include the following critera:

  • Shallow depth of 5″ – 6.5″ to allow the cook to sit or stand while working
  • Sink drain located towards the back of the sink to keep the knee space clear of the plumbing
  • Hot water pipes going to the sink’s faucet should be insulated in the open area to prevent burns
  • Must meet the forward reach criteria per the ADAAG.

Click here to shop ADA compliant kitchen sinks at Inspire Kitchen and Bath.

Show-Stopping Kitchen and Bath Trends

The following article was published by Kitchen and Bath Business: The Official Publication of KBIS


Recently, a few of KBB’s Editorial Advisory Board members attended Dwell on Design, which was held in Los Angeles from June 24-16. The three-day exhibition and conference was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center and featured a variety of kitchen and bath exhibitors, product demos and educational seminars for both the trade and the consumer.

Two of KBB’s most active board members – Mike Hetherman, CKD, president and CEO of Ontario-based Willis; and Paula Kennedy, CMKBD, CAPS, a designer with Timeless Kitchen Design in the Seattle area – scoured the show floor for innovative trends in the kitchen and bath industry.


The Black Diamond tap collection from Devon&Devon

Paula’s notable trends included:
– Brass and brighter tones (above)
– Polished metal and matte black finishes on faucets
– Customization is becoming expected, demanded. Millennials and more affluent generations are driving it, and the more industries that offer it – automobile, technology – the more people assume it is available in every industry. And they don’t expect it to cost twice as much.
– One-person smaller freestanding soaking tubs
– Downsizing movement calling for multi-functional storage (below)


Kitch’T concept by Dsignedby

Hetherman also noted the resurgence of matte finishes, as well as raw materials.

Other K&B trends seen at Dwell included:
– Atypical shapes for fixtures
– Black and white AND color
– Dome-shaped and rounded sinks
– Innovative use of materials
– Refrigeration in unexpected places (below)

Show-Stopping Kitchen and Bath Trends

True’s new Spa and Makeup Station

Be on the lookout for these and other innovative trends that will be present at KBIS 2017, which will take place from Jan. 10-12, 2017, in Orlando. Another Dwell exhibitor, True, will feature a brand new finish option for its stainless steel full-size refrigerators at KBIS 2017 called Pearl Slate. Ronbow announced it will feature its and the new Amora with the sunburst mirror (see Gallery) at KBIS 2017. The company will also highlight its new Aravo Collection, a vanity system with interchangeable front panels that offers a great entry-level price point for a younger market.




Shop Online and Create Wish Lists

Inspire Kitchen and Bath is pleased to announce the launch of our new online product catalog!

This online kitchen and bath catalog allows you to browse our complete inventory of kitchen and bath products anywhere, at any time and on any device.  Products can be added to wish lists, and those wish lists can be saved, emailed, and modified throughout your project’s planning process.

To get started, click on Products on the main menu.  Choose “All Products” to go to the catalog home page, or select a specific product category to begin shopping.

You may also view our video tutorial to learn more about how to use the catalog.

Selecting a Kitchen Faucet

Selecting a Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen faucet with a pull-down spray

Ready to replace your kitchen faucet? Here are a few things to keep in mind when it’s time to make your selection:

  1. How many handles does your existing faucet have, and how many do you want your new faucet to have? Most kitchen faucets have one or two.
    • There are options available if you choose a faucet that requires less holes than you have in your current sink/countertop. You could add a soap dispenser or a deck plate.
  2. Does your kitchen faucet have a side spray? If it does and you like this feature, you might consider a faucet with a pull-down spray.
  3. Do you prefer a faucet with or without a deck plate? Click the following links to view an example of each: Faucet with a deck plate, Faucet without a deck plate
  4. What finish would you like? Today’s faucets come in a wide variety of finishes including chrome, stainless, bronze, black, and many more, depending on the manufacturer.

Other resources:

Many kitchen faucet manufacturers have faucet selection guides on their website that you walk you through the process and make recommendations based on your preferences. Delta’s faucet selection guide is easy to use and is a helpful tool to get you started.