Top Bathroom Trends for 2018

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If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, 2018 is the year to do it. The trends we’re seeing in the industry exude a serene energy that has the potential to totally transform your bathroom experience.

The biggest overarching trend we’re seeing is towards a minimalist design aesthetic. Given that bathrooms are often on the smaller side and equipped with showers, tubs, sinks and toilets, a clean and simple look makes a lot of sense. One way of accomplishing this effect is by using integrated hardware with hidden components that help to create a sleek look with clean lines. Another is by incorporating flush hardware, which looks great and makes cleaning surfaces a breeze, which is something we can all appreciate.

When we’re talking about showers specifically, chrome and clear glass remain the ultimate must-haves for obvious reasons. In keeping with the minimalistic style, people are moving away from the functional, visible mechanism look in favor of more subdued finishings. For bathtubs, this notion of ‘’less is more’’ is most often expressed with rounded or square-like shapes with simple lines, a thin deck with equally thin edges, a subtle overflow and a hidden drain. With all of these elements together, you can create a serene, modern bathroom experience with no loss of functionality.

When it comes to tiling, bigger is better in 2018

We’re seeing a move towards a standard tile size of 24″x24″, offset by smaller grouts and a lot of minimizing tone-on-tone color choices. We’re also seeing a real push towards printed and 3D patterns and textures. Though concrete and wood are still popular design choices, white marble remains king when it comes to the tile material of choice. Adventurous designers can look to the futuristic trend of iridescent tiling being used on accent walls and backsplashes. While still relatively costly, it delivers an incredibly eye-catching result!

Color is one area in which many people are moving away from minimalism – instead of the neutral palette that has been the norm up until recently, there’s been a recent move towards warmer, earthier colors that add a cozy effect to the room. This, of course, is the ultimate goal of any remodel – to make you want to spend more time in your new space.

What’s The Better Option: Water Jetted Tub Or Air Tub?

Obviously, choosing a jetted tub isn’t the most important decision of your life, but making a rash decision can affect your day-to-day. Choosing the tub that works best for your needs and lifestyle can provide a relaxing and fulfilling way to enjoy your spa-like bathroom.

Easily Organize Your Bath Remodel Ideas.

Planning your bathroom remodel is fun, exciting, and sometimes overwhelming. Organizing your bathroom remodel ideas helps minimize the stress of your next project. Sites like Houzz and Pinterest are the perfect cloud tool to use for seeing what others have done.

Built for Boomers

Last week we looked a little at kitchen and bath trends geared towards Millennials. On the other end of the spectrum, we have Baby Boomers. Both demographic groups are the largest in the United States at the moment, so it’s only natural that all industries have geared their products towards each individually.

Today we will look at trends that Baby Boomers seem to love. Don’t worry, this isn’t another “aging in place, we get it, we’re old” article. This is a “let’s kick it up a notch and love where we live” article.

It’s Not All About Aging In Place

We have already covered aging in place, so we won’t really talk about it much here. But this is something that everyone should consider when remodeling or building, especially boomers.

What Boomers Want

According to Professional Builder and Kitchen and Bath Design News, Baby Boomers like a few things that are different from Millennials and a few that are similar. A lot of boomers want to make life easier with technology and open spaces, while some are also looking for that top of the line style. It just depends on the person and their taste.

  • Large Windows: Large windows give an open indoor and outdoor feel. It makes spaces seem more spacious and well-lit by letting in natural light.
  • Wide Doorways, Hard Floors, and Accessible Yet Attractive Showers: This touches back on the aging in place concept, but also just makes the home appear more roomy. Hard floors also make it easier to move things around and clean.
  • Low or No-Maintenance Materials: Again, aging in place may come to mind, but there are other reasons this is trendy. For one, who wants to spend time cleaning when you can spend time traveling, visiting family or just generally having fun? I don’t.
  • Open Plan and Private Space Balance: Millennials did not fall far from their baby boomer parents and grandparents… we all love to entertain, but we also need our personal space. Finding the perfect balance is key for both groups.
  • Technology: Surprise surprise.. boomers actually want MORE technology in their homes. Why? It makes life easier! It saves money. Technology is key for boomers and millennials alike.
  • Trendy and Contemporary: A lot of baby boomers out there are looking to be at the cutting edge of interior design trends, and so they want the latest and greatest.

Are you a boomer? What do you think? What do you want to see in your home if you could have ANY remodel?

4 Black and White Bathroom Ideas That Always Stay In Style

The bathrooms are important to the value of a home. We pay a lot of attention to details and keep them current. But, redecorating your bathroom can be costly. Experts agree the wise homeowner chooses a color scheme and style that never goes out of style. It is a great investment that saves you money and increases your resale values.


Have you ever walked into a bathroom and immediately felt the home was dated? This is what happens when we design our bathroom with colors that fade with time. Lime green, peach colors, and some darker hues of blue and green are pretty and were popular for bathrooms at one time. But that time has passed and now the homeowners are faced with remodeling their bathroom and all the expenses that includes.

Black and white never go out of style. Black and white are the easiest colors to work with. You can make a small bathroom look larger, and a large bathroom looks sleek. Black and white are colors of elegance.

Key features

You have the color scheme, and now you must choose features that are of high quality, beautiful enough to enhance your bathroom and accomplish the look you are seeking, and that will last for many years. Here are some things to remember:

  • The sink is the focal point in the bathroom. It is the first thing seen when the room is entered. A beautiful designer sink with modern faucets will give you a look of classic elegance.
  • Black and white are contrasting colors, and they can be combined or used separately. Decide on the look you want before you begin.
  • The tub is another wow factor for a bathroom. Of course, the shower is important but it is the bathtub that draws the eye and gives the room the right ambiance or feel. Depending on your design plan, you can choose a modern tub with a matching designer sink, or a vintage bathtub.

Designs that are always in style

  • Completely white
    • White walls, ceiling, vanity, sink and tub
    • Inlaid floors with a black and white pattern
    • Accent the floor by matching chandeliers or light fixtures in black
    • Large windows with white blinds
    • Shower curtains are easily changed, consider zebra print, florals, or with black polka dots

This is perfect for the small bathroom. It gives the look of wide and airy space. The look is big, fresh and elegant.

  • Marble
    • White marble with a generous, black design for floors and as a backsplash behind the sink area. The marble around the shower wall adds to the overall design.
    • Black designer sink
    • Silver faucets and matching lighting

The classic look of white marble with shades of black is beautiful for the bathroom that is long with a step-in shower. Use the marble on the floor, shower walls, and create a backsplash behind the sink. Accent pieces are black, white, and silver. Use plants for a splash of color.

  • Reverse marble
    • Black marble throughout (contrast color in marble, thin lines of white)
      • Walls, floor, and vanity
    • White designer sink
    • Vintage tub (white inside with outside of tub painted black)

This elegant bathroom design is perfect for the large bathroom. The vintage tub and bright sink create the look of French charm.

  • Ranch Style
    • Vintage, rustic bathtub
    • White tile on walls
    • White vanity
    • Designer sink in black
    • Black and white large tile floor

The ranch style bath is always a favorite. The rustic look is charming and easily decorated with accent pieces. Consider repurposed shelves, towel hooks, and a wrap-around shower curtain. Use silver for the faucets and white lighting covers.

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You’re Never too Young for Aging In Place

What is Aging in Place?

While we all wish we could stay young forever, unfortunately we can’t. Aging in place is the concept of building, remodeling or updating your home to fit the future needs of a baby boomer or someone who is elderly and would like to remain at hom. This concept also works for people with disabilities or injuries. Basically the idea of aging in place uses the most easy to use design options that create better accessibility in your home… and you now what? You don’t even need to be old to appreciate it. 

Let’s Start with the Bathroom…

In your bathroom, you have many things to think about as you design around accessibility: the shower, the toilet, the sink, the faucet, the cabinetry, etc. Nearly every single item you can put into a bathroom can be ADA compliant and provide better accessibility for that aging in place design concept.


A lot of projects begin with cabinetry designs. There are actually ways to design your cabinetry to be more accessible for wheel chairs. The panels can go in deeper from the edge of the counter top to provide a space for a wheel chair to slide underneath. The counter tops can be at a lower height. You can even funnel outlets through the cabinetry so they are on the edge of the counter instead of possibly out of reach on the wall


Your sink, believe it or not, can also be more accessible! We just talked about how you can lower the height of the counters, so that would make your sink lower if you chose a conventional sink. However, Toto also makes accessible sinks. These sinks are specifically designed with a wheel chair user in mind. Toto actually has a wide range of ADA compliant items.


Then you also have the option of technology in your faucet which will make life easier for everyone. If you want to go with a touch-less faucet, Delta has a faucet for the kitchen and bathroom with Touch20 Technology. Moen also produces a Motionsense faucet. Information on both of those products can be found on our blog post, New Faucet Technologyearlier in March.


As much as they are laughed at, walk-in bath tubs are amazing. You don’t even have to be aging to appreciate the concept of having a personal spa in your bathroom. You can get them fully loaded with heated seats and back, hydrotherapy (water jets), air massage therapy (air jets), chromotherapy (color changing lights), and aromatherapy (essential oil diffuser). I’m only in my 20’s, but sign me up for that. At Inspire Kitchen and Bath we carry BathAid secure spa walk-in tubs. You’d have to try one out to believe just how awesome it is.


ADA showers are made by a wide range of companies. These showers are usually acrylic and come with optional seats, grab bars and more. ADA showers have a lower threshold so they are easier to step into. In your shower you may want to also consider a hand held shower head so that the user has more control over the water flow. This makes it easier when someone is sitting to control their shower.


Accessible and easy to use toilets are not hard to find! They are usually lower to the ground and optimized for anyone with any kind of disability. Toto even makes a high tech toilet called Neorest. This toilet comes with a remote control and a sensor so you have an automatic seat cover and flushing mechanism, heated seat with temperature control, cleaning jets to clean out the bowl, front and rear warm water washing jets with temperature and pressure controls, air deodorizer, night light, dryer and more. This is the ultimate toilet. It does literally everything for you.

The Lesson of the Day…

Aging in place is not just for the elderly. Technology that makes life easier is good for everyone, it just happens to make life easier as life gets harder and we get older. A complete list  for all rooms of Aging in Place remodeling can be found on the National Association of Home Builders website.

Schedule your appointment with Inspire Kitchen and Bath to discuss your plans to remodel for aging in place!

New Faucet Technology

It seems nothing goes without a technological innovation these days, and faucets are no exception. The best thing about getting a new faucet is that you don’t even have to remodel or change anything else… unless you want to. A new sink might be nice too, right?

When it comes to faucet technology there are a few options out there: touchless and touch. Inspire Kitchen and Bath carries Moen and Delta products, two brands which have come out with new faucet technology recently.

Moen Motionsense

Moen’s latest faucet technology is Motionsense. Basically you don’t have to touch the faucet at all. It has sensors on the top and side for varying needs. To turn the water on, wave your hand in front of the sensor. To turn it off, wave your hand back over it one more time.

moen motionsense

Delta Touch20®

Delta’s Touch20® is relatively self explanatory. All you need to do to turn it on is touch it, and barely. The faucet actually picks up the static electricity of your skin, so you almost don’t need to touch it at all. And to turn it off, simply touch the faucet one more time.

So What do you Choose?

Choosing a type of faucet, as always, is up to your preferences. Touchless or touch technology might not be as important as the finishes and styles these faucets are available in. Prioritize your choice. Do you care more about look or function? What functionality do you want? Motionsense or Touch20?

There are many things to consider. Your best option is to discuss your desires with a local expert.

Have anything to add? Leave us a comment below!

Cleaning or Replacing a Faucet Aerator

Cleaning or Replacing a Faucet AeratorIf you’ve noticed that the water coming out of your faucet seems to have less pressure than it used to, or is coming out at an angle, debris in the aerator could be the cause. Cleaning or replacing a faucet aerator is easier than you might think. In this step-by-step video, Mark Oliver demonstrates how to clean and replace an aerator for a Delta bathroom faucet or showerhead. If you need a replacement aerator, or need further assistance with this project, please contact the professionals at May Supply Company.


Simple Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Winter is coming, and along with it come cold temperatures and potential plumbing problems.

Below are some simple tips to get your home ready for winter.

Inside your home:

  1. Simple Tips To Get Your Home Ready For WinterMake sure pipes are well-insulated; close vents to your crawl space and insulate the openings
  2. If your laundry room or a bathroom is right next to the garage, keep the garage door closed to retain heat
  3. If your bathroom vanity or kitchen sink is along an outside wall, keep the cabinet doors open to allow more heat inside around the pipes.
  4. Always leave your heat set at least 55 degrees F while you’re gone

Outside your home:

  1. Disconnect your garden hoses
  2. Turn off the water supply to, and drain irrigation and sprinkler systems
  3. As a preventative measure, make sure you know where your main water shut-off is. After a pipe burst and your house is flooding is a bad time to realize you don’t know where to turn the water.

What to do if you do have a frozen pipe:

  1. Call a professional plumber
  2. Do NOT use a blowtorch to thaw a pipe. Many people have inadvertently set their house on fire!

Following these simple tips to get your home ready for winter can minimize the risk of a burst pipe and the consequences of a water leak.

2016 Holiday Hours

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