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Last week we looked a little at kitchen and bath trends geared towards Millennials. On the other end of the spectrum, we have Baby Boomers. Both demographic groups are the largest in the United States at the moment, so it’s only natural that all industries have geared their products towards each individually.

Today we will look at trends that Baby Boomers seem to love. Don’t worry, this isn’t another “aging in place, we get it, we’re old” article. This is a “let’s kick it up a notch and love where we live” article.

It’s Not All About Aging In Place

We have already covered aging in place, so we won’t really talk about it much here. But this is something that everyone should consider when remodeling or building, especially boomers.

What Boomers Want

According to Professional Builder and Kitchen and Bath Design News, Baby Boomers like a few things that are different from Millennials and a few that are similar. A lot of boomers want to make life easier with technology and open spaces, while some are also looking for that top of the line style. It just depends on the person and their taste.

  • Large Windows: Large windows give an open indoor and outdoor feel. It makes spaces seem more spacious and well-lit by letting in natural light.
  • Wide Doorways, Hard Floors, and Accessible Yet Attractive Showers: This touches back on the aging in place concept, but also just makes the home appear more roomy. Hard floors also make it easier to move things around and clean.
  • Low or No-Maintenance Materials: Again, aging in place may come to mind, but there are other reasons this is trendy. For one, who wants to spend time cleaning when you can spend time traveling, visiting family or just generally having fun? I don’t.
  • Open Plan and Private Space Balance: Millennials did not fall far from their baby boomer parents and grandparents… we all love to entertain, but we also need our personal space. Finding the perfect balance is key for both groups.
  • Technology: Surprise surprise.. boomers actually want MORE technology in their homes. Why? It makes life easier! It saves money. Technology is key for boomers and millennials alike.
  • Trendy and Contemporary: A lot of baby boomers out there are looking to be at the cutting edge of interior design trends, and so they want the latest and greatest.

Are you a boomer? What do you think? What do you want to see in your home if you could have ANY remodel?

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