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4 Black and White Bathroom Ideas That Always Stay In Style

The bathrooms are important to the value of a home. We pay a lot of attention to details and keep them current. But, redecorating your bathroom can be costly. Experts agree the wise homeowner chooses a color scheme and style that never goes out of style. It is a great investment that saves you money and increases your resale values.


Have you ever walked into a bathroom and immediately felt the home was dated? This is what happens when we design our bathroom with colors that fade with time. Lime green, peach colors, and some darker hues of blue and green are pretty and were popular for bathrooms at one time. But that time has passed and now the homeowners are faced with remodeling their bathroom and all the expenses that includes.

Black and white never go out of style. Black and white are the easiest colors to work with. You can make a small bathroom look larger, and a large bathroom looks sleek. Black and white are colors of elegance.

Key features

You have the color scheme, and now you must choose features that are of high quality, beautiful enough to enhance your bathroom and accomplish the look you are seeking, and that will last for many years. Here are some things to remember:

  • The sink is the focal point in the bathroom. It is the first thing seen when the room is entered. A beautiful designer sink with modern faucets will give you a look of classic elegance.
  • Black and white are contrasting colors, and they can be combined or used separately. Decide on the look you want before you begin.
  • The tub is another wow factor for a bathroom. Of course, the shower is important but it is the bathtub that draws the eye and gives the room the right ambiance or feel. Depending on your design plan, you can choose a modern tub with a matching designer sink, or a vintage bathtub.

Designs that are always in style

  • Completely white
    • White walls, ceiling, vanity, sink and tub
    • Inlaid floors with a black and white pattern
    • Accent the floor by matching chandeliers or light fixtures in black
    • Large windows with white blinds
    • Shower curtains are easily changed, consider zebra print, florals, or with black polka dots

This is perfect for the small bathroom. It gives the look of wide and airy space. The look is big, fresh and elegant.

  • Marble
    • White marble with a generous, black design for floors and as a backsplash behind the sink area. The marble around the shower wall adds to the overall design.
    • Black designer sink
    • Silver faucets and matching lighting

The classic look of white marble with shades of black is beautiful for the bathroom that is long with a step-in shower. Use the marble on the floor, shower walls, and create a backsplash behind the sink. Accent pieces are black, white, and silver. Use plants for a splash of color.

  • Reverse marble
    • Black marble throughout (contrast color in marble, thin lines of white)
      • Walls, floor, and vanity
    • White designer sink
    • Vintage tub (white inside with outside of tub painted black)

This elegant bathroom design is perfect for the large bathroom. The vintage tub and bright sink create the look of French charm.

  • Ranch Style
    • Vintage, rustic bathtub
    • White tile on walls
    • White vanity
    • Designer sink in black
    • Black and white large tile floor

The ranch style bath is always a favorite. The rustic look is charming and easily decorated with accent pieces. Consider repurposed shelves, towel hooks, and a wrap-around shower curtain. Use silver for the faucets and white lighting covers.

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