2017 color trends

2017 Color Trends

What’s HOT?

When planning your remodel, whatever room in the house, color plays a huge role. The 2017 color trends we’ve compiled here for you are meant to facilitate the color choice process. If you need help choosing a color, we’re always happy to help!

Elle Decor colors to look for:

  • Confident Colors
    • Dusky Blue
    • Blue Green
    • Sunshine Yellow
  • Composed Colors
    • Mineral Gray
    • Light Blue Green
    • Earthy Green and Taupe Beige
  • Comfortable Colors
    • Powdery Blue
    • Pastel Pink
    • Dusted Yellow

House Beautiful Color Trends 2017:

  • “Inner Glow”
    • Sunny yellows are used to make rooms pop.
  • “Courtyard Green”
    • Emerald greens are a classic that is just not going out of style anytime soon.
  • “Oval Room Blue”
    • A powdery blue that feels sophisticated enough for a presidential space.
  • “Greenery”
  • “Olive”
    • A toned down sophistication of the color green great for trim and millwork.
  • “Stone White”
    • Not every room needs a color, white can also make a room stand out.
  • “Mushroom”
    • The new go-to neutral.
  • “Dusk”
    • A dusky blue is not quite as scary as it sounds.
  • “Black Chiffon”
    • From a sophisticated built-in bookshelf to decorating a man’s den, black can say a lot.
  • “Poised Taupe”
  • “Shadow”
    • A shadowy plum color, that quite honestly is my favorite, brings a feeling of luxury to any home.
  • “Violet”
  • “Ramie”
    • The newest spin on classic white on every surface brings the ultimate sophistication.

HGTV , Pantone, Sherwin Williams and Vogue also have lists detailing more color trends.

Have anything to add? What colors are catching your eye right now? Let us know in the comments section below.

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